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It’s Not Windows 9 but Windows Blue

The latest version of the Windows franchise has just been released but speculations and rumors on what and how the next version would be is unabated. What do experts and techno hubs have to say about the next Windows?

The Next One Wouldn’t Probably be Windows 9

If we follow the pattern correctly, we would expect the next release to bear the name Windows 9. But according to some rumors, this might not happen. Some speculate the next update would bear the name Windows Blue, it is an update on the Windows OS franchise and is somewhat expected to be released or introduced sometime next year.

Reported on ZDNet and according to Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft might release a new Windows bearing the code name blue next year and the possibility that Microsoft would also release newer version of Windows more often than before is also growing ever plausible.

What Windows Blue might offer is still unclear, there is a debate if it is a release of features or just an update that would fix and patch flaws. Whether it is a service pack or not, it is speculated that Windows Blue would be out within a year. Microsoft may have plans just lurking around the corner, the launch o Windows Blue might just one.

Windows 8 has just been released and it received mixed reviews from the users, but if it is judged as bad, the release of something like Windows Blue can take our attention from Windows 8.

According to personal opinions of tech experts and writers, Windows Blue (whether it is real or not) would be a mix of features and fixes. Users of Windows 8 can attest the OS is not perfect and it does need fixes to smooth down its issues. The fixes are also necessary to give it a sense of completeness, which can make it a hot enterprise in the technology market.

Speculations about Windows Blue are emerging and we might hear more of this in the months to come.

Other Rumors about Windows 9

Other speculations are also spreading in the tech world, certain experts reveal that Microsoft is planning to show a developer preview for Windows 9, but this does not mean the new Operating System would be officially called Windows 9, rumors are spreading it would bear the name Windows Infinity and Windows 9 is just the current code name. It is rumored to be released in 2014 along with Internet Explorer 12. Microsoft is also speculated to name new operating system to Window 8.1 or 8.5. This is not the first time Microsoft added decimal points to the operating systems they have released (like Windows 3.1). These rumors remain as it is until Microsoft releases their own take on the matter, as of now these remain to be speculations and no one exactly knows what the next updates or releases would be. For the mean time, all attention and focus are geared towards the latest Microsoft release which is Windows 8.