Rumor: Windows 9 to be released next year

Microsoft is just on the verge of releasing Windows 8.1 to public which is definitely not a major shift from Windows 8 (similar to a service pack) and we know that RTM build has already been compiled today news is coming from WZOR who posted on Russian site that Windows 9 would be coming next year. Going by the credibility of news WZOR has some internal contacts and frequently releases information related to Windows Milestone, Beta builds.

According to more information available Aero interface would be coming back in Windows 9. No other information is available till yet as what features and what not would be including in coming Windows.

We have started this blog to write about Windows 9 and as now Windows 8.1 is just going to be released so we would more frequently update this blog, so stay tuned :)

  • Taylor

    Finally something new!

  • Arash Jafari

    Windows 9 next year would be unfortunate as the current 3-year release cycle is already too short. A 2-year release cycle would even be too short for MSFT themselves as they’re very busy with their new roadmap – they barely had time to finish 8.1 for RTM.

    Aero Glass, which is just a theme incorporating visual effects, making a comeback in Windows 9 is hardly something to look forward to because the majority of Aero features (e.g. Aero Peek, Aero Snap, etc.) are already available in Windows 8.

    • sdf

      Your an idiot, its a 1 year cycle

  • sandu


  • depiscesman