Can’t Wait? What’s next after Windows 8?

With the drastic change and the seemingly head to toe makeover of Windows 8 leads us not to wonder why some users hate it. They might be hopefully waiting for the next version which would surpass or improve its predecessor. So are there hopes for Windows 9?

Playing the Waiting Game

There sure is hope if Microsoft will stick to its three year cycle or releasing new operating systems. If this happens and Microsoft does not suddenly change the trajectory, a newer version of the Windows operating system may be released October of 2015. If your hopes can wait for this long, then it might be good news. But for those who can’t wait, sticking to the newer version and getting used to it is the only solution.

Windows 9 Logo

Why Anticipation Grows for the Next One?

We cannot blame some users if they anticipate a new one to come, or if they would want to stick to the older versions of Microsoft OS. Windows 8 offers new and exciting features, but the features also cause certain glitches and problems for the users. What are those problems? Here are just some of them:

  1. The Drastic Change

A primary issue compounding the latest version of the Microsoft Operating System is the big change it has undergone. The change is described as drastic and dramatic, and it looks nothing like the older versions. Of course, we cannot deny that change is good; changes must be set in a bar where we could recognize a development or an improvement. Windows 8 in fact provided this, but the change may not fit the needs of the users. First and foremost, the radical change pushes users to relearn the processes that they have been doing for years. The relearning process is definitely inconvenient, inefficient and can waste time.

But we cannot also blame Microsoft for this dramatic change, we are a new era defined by touch screens and tablets, and the company must simply keep up and set the bar at high standards.

  1. Icons are In A Mess

Users might find the current interface a little inconvenient and messy. Icons are located on squares or tiles and links to a variety of uninstallers. Most users deem it messy and unnecessary.

  1. Multi Monitors Misbehave

If you have multi-monitors and you click your desktop on Monitor 2, the screen over the first monitor disappears, the Start screen also returns to the previous app and this prevents users from using the Metro Tile interface effectively. Tech experts suggests this can be solved by allowing users to click anywhere on the monitor without causing changes to the others.

On a Positive Note

Windows 8 has just been released and at this stage of its development, flaws and faults are still discovered. Let’s hope the pitfalls would be used as strengths to improve the newer versions, but we would have to wait 3 years for that so for the mean time, we could start getting used to the latest version.

  • anonimous

    No,we do not have to.As the Microsoft cycle shows-1good,1 bad, 1 good etc.-we can stick to Windows 7 and hope that Windows 9 will be as good (at least anyway!) as 7.
    XP-brilliant,Vista-crap,Windows 7-brilliant,Windows 8-well, you know what I mean,Windows 9-????