Hello Welcome to Windows 9 Beta

Hello everyone, we are finally starting a blog related to Windows 9 after much success of our Windows 8 Beta blog. As mentioned on our first post at the sister site, we would keep this blog updated and post all the information about Windows 9 including Windows 9 news, download, rumors, release date and much more. We would like to build the user base for this blog again and would like to see this blog at similar heights as our Windows 8 Beta blog. We would try to provide information about Windows 9 first on internet.

  • Jamessouthwell69


  • Honky

    From Bill Gates Dreams…..What a dumbass….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407391640 Martin Diderichsen

    year right

  • Bldavenport

    Little early, I’ll check back in a couple of months.

  • Guest

    Its not even out yet. Seriously, somebody is a little light in the head. Windows Dev team hasn’t even started yet.

  • Taylor


  • Pras Anand

    Good that you’re thnking ahead, it won’t be too long before an early dev of windows 9 or whatever it gets called (remember Vista? hehe)..

    You’ll have to remove all the comments from the trolling dorks though.

  • I want downlowd windows 9